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WordPress Site Features — July 18, 2017

WordPress Site Features

Being our client means that you can always rely on a WordPress expert by a renowned tech company with years of experience having a proven track record with clients.

Why you should use WordPress

Managing your WordPress website is a stressful experience, but if you don’t have to do so, then you will have one of the most sophisticated content management systems in the world.

WordPress is highly flexible and it offers an endless amounts of opportunities to build an optimized and converting website. Surely the reason for its popularity in recent years, is the variety of robust features it offers at little or no cost.

  • Free content, plugin, software
  • User-friendly CMS platform
  • Used and loved by users worldwide
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • The largest CMS community
  • WordPress is mobile optimized
  • Tested by IT specialists
  • Hundreds of working plugins
  • Available to all devices
  • The most flexible platform

What WP Hound does to your Website

Allow us to pass the invaluable knowledge gained throughout the years to your company. This way, you will be years ahead of your competitors, having the most important thing in the world – information.

We will advise you, which plugins to implement and we will make the necessary customization to improve them. Moreover, we will have your back by updating your website and saving your information on a cloud backup.


Speed Optimization
The marketing experts within our firm will work hardly in partnerships with our WordPress developers to optimize your whole website in order to improve its loading speed. This would lead to the an improved user’s experience.

Frequent Updates
We will update all plugins and themes the moment a new version is released so that they don’t compromise your security. Outdated plugins are considered as a great risk for your security and breach of privacy.

Cloud Backups
Backups are of extreme importance if you don’t want to lose the work of your life in a matter of minutes. We will ensure that your website has a regular backup in case of an emergency.

Site Review
Our experts will go through the website regularly to identify arising issues or areas of your site that require improvement. They will check the security thoroughly as well as the codes of the site for issues or left spam scripts.

Malware Scans
We will scan your website thoroughly on a weekly basis to identify security issues before it becomes too late. Then, we will carefully fix the problems and perform a background check.

24/7 Emergency Support
Has your website been breached and you are worried about your database’s safety? Contact us now, and we will start working immediately to improve your security and fix any damage before it is too late.

Keeping website online
Imagine that you have thousands of people visiting your WordPress Website and suddenly it stops. You don’t want that! We will monitor your uptime and e-mail you when it goes down so that you can react quickly.

WordPress Migration
Are you not happy with your current hosting provider? We will help you migrate your website quickly without breaking the structure of the site. We guarantee the same performance after the process.

Spam Post Cleanup
We will monitor your website constantly to check whether your website was spammed. If any issues arise, our developers will fix it and then check the WordPress Website Security to prevent future problems of getting spam messages.

Improved Security
Our WordPress developers will perform weekly checks on your website to fix any issues. This would increase the overall protection for you and your visitors, so that your private information will stay within the firm.

Email Support
We will help you set up your email marketing campaigns as it is one of the most profitable ways to contact with loyal customers and convert them again

State-of-art Encryption
Data leakage is of huge concern for every major company nowadays. To prevent this from happening, our coders will encrypt the data transmitted through your servers.

Should I Use WordPress for my Website? — June 26, 2017

Should I Use WordPress for my Website?

Should I Use WordPress for my Website?

You can make capable, cleaned locales with WordPress without taking in a ton of coding. Once you’re alright with WordPress, you can do in a week or an end of the week what could take you a month or more to code without any preparation.

The WordPress programming, once introduced on a server, gives a huge amount of devices to building and overseeing awesome sites.

WordPress works best for specific sorts of destinations. Individual portfolios, online journals, and leaflet destinations, for example, are super-simple with WordPress. Because of all around created WordPress modules, you can likewise effectively construct online business locales, work sheets, informal communities and other custom destinations.

More designers are notwithstanding looking at utilizing WordPress as an application system; be that as it may, this is a less-created utilize case for WordPress right now.

When Should I Use WordPress?

For super-basic sites, WordPress is a pointless excess. It’s ideal to code starting with no outside help by utilizing a less difficult CMS like Perch or a lightweight improvement device like Jekyll. You can lean WordPress easily or hire WP Hound for all your needs.

For complex destinations that require excessively bowing, tweaking and hacking to make WordPress a suitable arrangement, you ought to investigate building the site from the beginning, likely depending on JavaScript and back-end programming dialects like PHP or other development languages.

Most site designers utilizing WordPress today run fundamental destinations, those with static pages, a blog or news area, some kind of custom substance, and an assortment of normal elements like slideshows, contact structures, and the sky is the limit from there.

WordPress modules handle those components without any issues. It can make custom substance and dole out them your own particular fields and choices. This helps when your substance doesn’t fit into the default title and substance choices that WordPress offers for blog entries and static pages.

Unless your subject accompanies custom substance of course, you should actuate a couple modules and do some format coding to incorporate custom substance on your WordPress site.

Using Themes in WordPress

Topics make it simple to go as an expert planner from the begin. Topics exists in the thousands upon thousands thus a large portion of them are wonderful, all around bolstered and cover the gambit of regular web ventures and patterns.

Using Themes in WordPress

When you begin building sites with WordPress, you will probably begin off modifying topics that you either download for nothing or buy from a topic designer or subject commercial center.

To legitimately redo a WordPress subject to suit you or your customer, you will probably make a tyke topic, the favored strategy for altering subjects. This includes setting up another envelope in your topics organizer into which you duplicate and glue any documents from the fundamental topic you need to modify.

This can incorporate the principle style.css document or one of the subject PHP records.

When it comes to the heart of the matter of making youngster topics and modifying subjects, somebody figuring out how to fabricate sites with WordPress needs to deal with starting to take in a little HTML, CSS and even some PHP.

Fortunately, not at all like when building destinations starting with no outside help, knowing only a tiny bit of each of these dialects will give you a chance to do a lot of what you will need to as far as altering a topic. Since subjects, modules, and WordPress itself do the greater part of the work for you, a bit of coding goes far.

On the off chance that you take in the fundamental aptitudes that take you from having the capacity to utilize WordPress to having the capacity to make WordPress locales all the way, you will end up in a solid, upbeat, and effective commercial center.

SEO for Beginners: Top 10 Basics Tips for Blogging Search Engine Optimization —

SEO for Beginners: Top 10 Basics Tips for Blogging Search Engine Optimization

SEO for Beginners: Top 10 Basics Tips for Blogging Search Engine Optimization

This isn’t generally for imbeciles. None of my perusers are numbskulls. What’s more, on the off chance that you are finding out about SEO so you can develop your blog you are far from being doltish. Take after this guide and you’ll be well on your approach to getting more than 100,000 guests from Google for every month.

Google has created programmed calculations that rank your site. They convey what are called “creepy crawlies” to “slither” your site and check it for more than 100 pointers that decide if your site is important or futile. These markers incorporate things like backlinks, area age, movement, crisp substance, and so forth.

Search engine optimization is the specialty of ensuring those bugs are content with what they find. It is a to a great degree complex field that is always showing signs of change yet in all that disarray there are a couple of constants that have stayed valid since the start. I’ll discuss those here.

1. You require your own hosting and domain

The primary thing that novices need to know is that you require your own particular area and facilitating. Free blog set ups don’t help for your SEO endeavors.

Why would that be?

Well many individuals hypothesize that on the off chance that you were truly genuine about your site you would get your own name and host it yourself. What’s more, Google just needs to indicate sites that are viewed as genuine and dependable.

I suggest every single new blogger get their own particular space and domain setup ideal from the earliest starting point.

2. Take care of issues with unique substance

You need to recall that Google’s entire reason for existing is to furnish their clients with applicable and helpful indexed lists. All that they do is worked around the preface.

What’s more, to be reasonable, the most essential thing you can accomplish for your SEO is make enormously valuable substance that takes care of individuals’ issues. In the event that you are tackling issues that individuals are hunting down then it is likely that you will get shared via web-based networking media and positioned in Google.

The expression “unique substance” implies far beyond simply blog entries these days. You ought to begin venturing into:


Here’s a major manual for discovering pictures for your blog that discussions regarding why you require unique pictures and photographs and how to utilize them further bolstering your best good fortune..


Make instructional exercises or do video posts with your webcam. This assembles connections and activity from Youtube and does well on cell phones.


iTunes is developing quick as individuals show signs of improvement advanced mobile phones and invest more energy connected to. You can look at my podcast appropriate here.

Plugins & Tools

In the event that you can build up a unique instrument and introduce it on your site you can be guaranteed of top Google rankings for quite a while. Google totally adores apparatuses and supportive modules that individuals can use in their lives.

The thought is to manufacture an association with your perusers by bailing them out. This will mean all the more sharing and quicker outcomes on the SERPS (web search tool rankings positions).

3. Manufacture important backlinks actually

In the event that you are simply beginning with SEO you may know a little about backlinks. A backlink is the point at which another site interfaces back to your site from their site.

Not all backlinks are made equivalent however. A few things to know:

Never get them

I once found out about a person who was the head SEO fellow for a speculation organization. He got some modest backlinks on an area name with a huge number of dollars and got the thing prohibited from Google. Never purchase backlinks. Google is on to them.

The source matters

The blog that is giving you the backlinks has a tremendous effect. In the event that it is an old area name with superb rankings itself then the backlink means more. One great connection from an expert area name (.edu and .gov ones are astounding) and your rankings change more than many minimal ones.

The anchor text link matters

The grapple content is the words that are utilized as the connection. For instance, simply then I utilized “anchor text link content” as the grapple content. You need this to be significant to your focused on catchphrases.

As said, the most ideal approach to assemble quality backlinks is to compose astounding quality substance and afterward visitor post on the best websites in your specialty.

Keep in mind, backlinks to your OWN substance is likewise truly imperative. Perceive what number of connections I have to my own articles in this blog entry? Those check as well!

NOTE: Using plain watchwords as stay content is no longer the suggested strategy. There should be a characteristic blend of watchwords in your connections. Perused more about everything here.

4. Ensure your topic is SEO improved

This is the theme of an entire arrangement of posts so I’ll keep it brief.

Consider SEO having two parts: the off-site stuff like web-based social networking and backlinks and the on location stuff like improving your topic.

Enhancing your subject is critical in light of the fact that it gives Google markers that you are a dependable site. It additionally googles locate your substance. A portion of the things you can do include:

Portable responsive

In the event that your blog is not portable responsive you will lose a great deal of guests as Google organizes versatile locales for individuals looking on cell phones.

Neatly coded

Ensure your topic is coded to guarantee it’s effectively perused by those Google creepy crawlies that are hoping to see whether you have every one of the components of a decent site included.

Quick stacking

A quick stacking site is useful for client experience and hence useful for Google. Ensure your topic is pulling its weight and stacking rapidly. You can look at its speed here. You can utilize reserve modules to help speed things up.


A few people differ however despite everything I figure that my unique topics show improvement over subjects that a huge number of other individuals are utilizing. A recently created and unique site additionally accompanies many different advantages.

No broken bits

Ensure you tidy up any broken connections and ensure your route all works easily.

5. Settle your permalink structure

Set permalink structure

Permalinks are the means by which individuals find your blog and its interior posts and pages. They are comprised of a root and an augmentation.

For instance, on this post we have:

ROOT: yourdomain.com/

Expansion: your-blog-posts-slug/

Presently, it is essential to have a decent permalink structure. You can change this in WordPress by going SETTINGS > PERMALINKS and tweaking the choices. The best alternative to have in there, as I would see it, is quite recently the post name. So you ought to choose CUSTOM STRUCTURE and after that include/%postname%/

In any case, far and away superior to that is to research what watchwords you are attempting to rank for and afterward abbreviate your URL to coordinate those catchphrases. Investigate this post and have a think about what watchwords I was attempting to rank for.

Be cautioned! You would prefer not to change the old permalinks in light of the fact that then any backlinks you have will be broken. Simply new ones.

6. Introduce a sitemap

One of the most straightforward things you can do is introduce a Google Sitemap module that gives a full guide of every one of your posts, pages and chronicles. The most widely recognized one that individuals utilize is this one and it appears to work great.

This naturally creates the sitemap for you at standard interims and after that submits it to Google, Bing, and so on for your sake. Its truly giving them a guide of your site so they can record it better.

7. Remark on different websites

For quite a while my SEO technique comprised of simply remarking on other specialist online journals. Not exclusively does it get you more activity, introduction and new connections, it likewise considers a backlink.

Presently, a few sites you can leave target grapple content since they aren’t genuine stressed over client names. In any case, on most sites you have to utilize your genuine name. That is fine.

Attempt and utilize Market Samurai to see where your rivals are getting their backlinks from. You may very well discover a pack of them originated from remarks on all around positioned blog entries.

8. Manufacture your web-based social networking profiles no doubt

web-based social networking

As I said in my post on SEO privileged insights you need to now have a major concentrate via web-based networking media for SEO purposes and in addition activity building purposes.


Well since Google is currently looking to online networking as a flag of an article’s power and significance.

On the off chance that a great many individuals are tweeting about it then shots are you have composed something truly great. Also, the most ideal approach to get tweets is to fabricate a devoted after and compose executioner content that they simply love to advance for you.

A few things you have to begin doing:

Tweeting huge players

Become acquainted with the huge players in your specialty by coolly constructing an affinity with them on Twitter. Down the track you can hit them up for re-tweets.

Include isolate esteem

Tweet and Facebook data and certainties that don’t show up on your blog. Consider it a different asset for individuals to tap into.

Share others

The more substance you share from different bloggers the more probable they are to share your stuff. Give and after that get later.

NOTE: Google+ is presently a fascinating component in SEO rankings.

9. Utilize SEO modules

SEO modules

There are bunches of WordPress modules out there that you can introduce to get some assistance with your SEO. One of the best ones to begin with is the All in One SEO Pack which does as such a significant number of the frightful easily overlooked details for you.

There are a great deal of other great SEO modules out there so I thought I would open this one up to the group of onlookers and see what every other person is utilizing. If you don’t mind leave a remark and let me know.

10. Perused, study and utilize SEOmoz

To the extent I am concerned the most perfectly awesome asset for SEO related material on the planet is over at MOZ.

Presently, the substance on their blog may be a little over your make a beeline for start with yet you will gradually begin to assimilate thoughts regarding patterns, strategies and best practices after some time. Regardless of the possibility that you just check in each couple of weeks and read maybe a couple articles you will find that your SEO learning just develops and blooms.

How Blog Help SEO & Search Rankings? —

How Blog Help SEO & Search Rankings?

How Blog Help SEO & Search Rankings?

It’s normal for organizations to come to us asking for help enhancing their inquiry rankings (we do offer SEO and SEM administrations, all things considered). Among the majority of our proposals, the one that dependably makes the greatest question is blogging.

“Will that truly help my hunt rankings?” they inquire. “Yes!” is our brisk answer.

No doubt about it; blogging is one of the least demanding, most financially savvy approaches to enhance your pursuit rankings.

All web crawlers, including Google, Bing and Yahoo!, utilize complex calculations (a favor word for math) to serve up what they regard the most pertinent substance to their clients. Online journals enhance your web index rankings by showing your organization’s ability through crisp, significant substance loaded with watchwords.

Sites give new, significant substance

A site shouldn’t be something you make and take off alone. Incredible sites resemble living life forms; they are always developing and evolving. (Also, they should be nourished!)

A blog enables your webpage to develop by giving substance that wouldn’t generally be contained on your website. At the point when clients are searching for an item or administration, they need to buy from the pioneer in the business, a blog enables you to set up that definitive voice by furnishing your clients with the significant, accurate data they are searching for.

New substance has turned out to be considerably more imperative as of late. Google changed their calculation to push crisp substance to the highest point of rankings for some quests.

Web journals pull in outer and inner connections

How Will a Blog Help SEO & Search Rankings of My Website?

At the point when web crawlers slither the web, something they measure vigorously is the quantity of outside destinations connecting to your site. Outside connections demonstrate your site is giving useful, pertinent data. An awesome blog is incredible connection lure that different sites will be slanted to reference, making essential outer connections.

Writes likewise serve the basic capacity of giving inward connections to pages that are profound inside your site. Web indexes need to see that your pages reference each other and are rationally entwined. Sites can reference your item, administration and organization pages and help make that interior connecting structure.

Websites enable you to develop your watchwords

Anybody even remotely inspired by SEO has heard the significance of watchwords. One of the ways web indexes rank sites depends on the catchphrases contained in the locales. Every single other thing being equivalent, sites that contain a greater amount of the sought watchwords will rank higher than other comparative destinations since it is expected they have more significant substance identified with the subject.

Locales with routinely refreshed, applicable web journals will without a doubt have more related watchwords to their industry than destinations without a blog.

Be that as it may, hold up, there’s additional

Not exclusively do web journals assume a key part in enhancing your site’s hunt rankings, they are likewise an extraordinary approach to expand your client’s engagement, set up yourself as an idea pioneer, hold your guests returning for increasingly and assemble trust inside your group. They even incorporate superbly with your online networking advertising.

Most web clients are presently anticipating that organizations should have a supportive and important blog. Will they be frustrated?

Please contact us for your all Web design or Web development needs.




Why You Should Use WordPress?

Regularly apprentices ask us: Why would it be a good idea for me to utilise WordPress? Isn’t my old site adequate? Why do I have to change to WordPress? In case you’re posing these questions, then you’re at the ideal place. In this article, we have aggregated a couple reasons why you ought to utilise WordPress, in what ways you can utilise WordPress, and who is utilising WordPress.

Individuals regularly tragically classify WordPress as only a blogging stage. In spite of the fact that that used to be valid before, WordPress has developed during the time into an adaptable substance administration framework (CMS). While you can in any case utilize WordPress to make a basic blog, now it likewise enables you to make completely utilitarian sites and versatile applications.

The best part about WordPress is that it’s anything but difficult to utilize and sufficiently adaptable for pretty much anything. That is the primary motivation behind why WordPress has developed such a great amount in prevalence. As per a current review, WordPress powers 22.5% of all sites on the web.

Let’s discuss about why you should use WordPress.

WordPress is Free as in Freedom

WordPress is a free programming, this implies you are allowed to download, introduce, utilize and adjust it. You can utilize it to make any sort of site. It is additionally open source which implies the source code of the product is accessible for any one to think about, adjust and play with.

There are at present lots of WordPress subjects modules accessible for nothing. You can download, introduce and utilize them on any site.

To run WordPress, all you need is an area and web facilitating. We prescribe utilizing either Hostgator, Bluehost or SiteGround in light of the fact that them two offer our clients a free area and half off their facilitating costs. Look at our guide on why is WordPress free?

Because of the way of open source, WordPress is a group programming. It is kept up by an expansive gathering of volunteers lion’s share of whom are WordPress specialists with dynamic enthusiasm for developing and looking after WordPress. Anybody can add to WordPress by composing patches, noting bolster questions, composing modules, making topics, interpreting WordPress and refreshing documentation.

By utilising WordPress you turn out to be a piece of that great group. You get free support from other group individuals, download free modules and topics, and once you have little involvement with WordPress you can even contribute back to the group.

WordPress is Easy to Use and Learn


WordPress is used by millions of people and almost every day new people are joining the WordPress community by creating their first WordPress powered websites. The reason why people quickly adapt to WordPress is because it is fairly easy to use.

If you want someone experienced to setup your WordPress site, then our talented staff members are happy to help you get started. The best part is that we offer various services which you are looking for.

For any WordPress related issue, you can search the web or search contact us, and you will definitely find help.

WordPress is Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins


The vast majority utilising WordPress are neither website specialists nor developers. In actuality most people begin utilising WordPress with no earlier learning of planning sites.

The motivation behind why WordPress is such a perfect applicant is on account of there are a large number of free layouts (topics) to browse, so you can give your site any look you need. There is a WordPress topic for pretty much everything. Regardless of whether you need a photography subject, magazine topic, portfolio topic, or an eCommerce topic. There is a flawless subject accessible for each sort of site.

WordPress topics are anything but difficult to modify in light of the fact that a considerable measure of them accompanied their own choices board enabling you to change hues, transfer logo, change foundation, make wonderful sliders, and do other cool things with your site while never composing any code whatsoever.

WordPress is super adaptable and can be reached out by utilising modules. Much the same as topics, there are a huge number of free and premium modules accessible for you to utilise (What is a module?). Not just these modules can add additional usefulness to WordPress, there are loads of modules which can add a radical new stage to your WordPress site.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is composed utilizing standard consistence astounding code and delivers semantic increase which makes your site extremely alluring to web indexes.

By plan WordPress is exceptionally SEO cordial, and you can make it much more SEO well disposed by utilizing WordPress SEO module. To comprehend you how to enhance your site’s SEO, get in touch with us for WordPress SEO tips for tenderfoots.

WordPress is Easy To Manage

WordPress accompanies worked in updater that enables you to refresh your modules and topics from inside your WordPress administrator dashboard. It likewise advises you when there is another variant of WordPress is accessible, so you can refresh it by simply clicking a catch. You can keep all your WordPress content safe by setting up robotized normal WordPress Backups.

WordPress is Safe and Secure

WordPress is created on account of security, so it is considered very protected and secure to run any site. Nonetheless, much the same as this present reality, the web can be a dubious place.

There are interlopers out there who need to get their hands on the greatest number of locales as they could. On all our sites, we utilise Sucuri to screen security dangers and we exceedingly prescribe them.

WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types


Utilising WordPress you are not recently restricted to composing content. It accompanies worked in support to deal with pictures, sound, and video content. You can likewise use for archive or document administration.

WordPress underpins Embed empowered sites which implies you can insert YouTube recordings, Instagram photographs, Tweets, and Sound cloud sound by simply gluing the URL in your post. You can even enable your guests to implant recordings in remarks.

What ways to use WordPress?

WordPress can be utilized as a part of a wide range of ways. It is interested in conceivable outcomes. Our webpage is not a blog, it is to a greater extent a business asset site, and we are running it on WordPress. You can utilize WordPress as the accompanying:

  • Arcade
  • Blog
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Exhibition
  • Portfolio
  • Rating Website
  • Shopping Store
  • Video Collection Site
  • Participation Site

Take note of that above are recently a few cases of how you can utilise WordPress. To perceive how other top organisations are utilising WordPress, visit the WordPress Showcase

Do you want to start a blog? — June 12, 2017

Do you want to start a blog?

Do you want to start a blog?

All in all, would you say you are thinking about how to begin a blog? I’m so happy you’re here! I will likely disclose the essential strides to get off to a decent and effective blogging begin, no specialised experience required.


  1. Get Your Own Hosting Provider and domain name

The initial step is to get yourself an area name and blog have. The space name is the manner by which individuals discover your blog and the host is the place the majority of your records are found on the web.

I prescribe SiteGround to every single new blogger. It is the host I initially utilized when I began and they have all day, every day live support and in addition giving you free area name enlistment in the event that you buy for at least two years. SiteGround is as of now offering perusers a tremendous reduced rate on the 12-month starter arrange.

  1. One Click Install for WordPress

The next step is to install the blogging program that you will use to post, edit, upload images and so on. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. It is free once you have signed up with SiteGround and can be installed with one-click.

  1. Move Ahead with WordPress

Since you have begun your blog you’ll need to hop in front of the use of WordPress. This implies rapidly finding out about WordPress subjects, site improvement and how to compose astounding substance that pulls in supporters. Look at the post beneath for all the vital tips.

  1. Growing Your Mailing List with MailChimp

This is a reward venture for any individual who is not kidding about utilizing their blog to bring home the bacon. You have to grow a mailing list. A dynamic rundown of email endorsers will advance your post and will ideally bolster your items or whatever it is you do later on. I prescribe MailChimp to store your mailing list.